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Embracing and Embodying Your Connected Self

A three month VIP mentorship package for the woman who needs to take charge of her life, connect and align with her powerful mindset, get out of her comfort zone and embrace and embody the best version of herself, for herself.


I'm Kathryn

Your personal psychic empowerment mentor

I am an internationally sought after mentor. I have clients in Canada, the US, Europe, South Africa, Indonesia and Australia.


With 2 Bachelor degrees: one in Psychology and one in education, over 18 years of experience and numerous certifications, I bring my 3/5 human design profile to the table to deliver a tried and tested approach to my client’s transformational journey.

I get to spend my days connecting with women all over the globe at a soul level to bring complete clarity, joy and fulfillment to the space that was filled with self doubt, confusion, frustration and complete disconnection to self and others. I rely heavily on my deep intuitive, individualized, innovative and practical guidance to help transform newly awakened women from feeling drained, depressed and disconnected to joyful, present, anchored and empowered in all aspects of their lives.

If I can give you one piece of advice right from the start it is this...stop searching for someone else to "see" you. I wasted so much time hoping that someone would validate my state of mind and emotions and come and "save" me. Finally, I realized, the only person who could save me was myself.


You are WORTH investing in. Whatever that looks like to you! Don't waste another minute listening to those old programmed beliefs...they no longer serve you!

Are you ready to rise and embrace the most powerful version of yourself?

This mentorship option is geared toward YOU, the woman who is done feeling: overwhelmed, like she is always hustling, like there is not enough time in the day for the to-do list and especially like there is never time for HER!


For the woman who cannot get out of her own mind.  The inner critic takes over and cripples you from expanding or moving forward in your life and business.


For the woman who feels paralyzed with fear and doesn't know how to not allow it to debilitate her. 


For the woman who is trying to be seen but feels invisible.


For the woman who feels like she tries so hard to embody the "right" mindset but something just feels off.


For the woman who always looks out for everyone else, but never feels taken care of.


If you are ready for more abundance, more love and more overall happiness pouring into your life this container is perfect for you!

What to expect...

See what some of my clients have to say...

Through our sessions, Kathryn tapped into the essence of me as a person. It is like she walked into the centre of my being and read the words that were hidden deep inside my soul. Her guidance through the tough times I have crawled through has given me strength to rise again and again. I know that she is a gifted individual and I value her ability to share this gift with others. I recommend Kathryn and her services with all of my heart.


Your guidance and tasks were mind blowing which has now led me being laser focused and I know in my heart I am in a better place. More importantly, you have given me the tools to keep moving forward in my life. I have a clear direction and I have already made progress within two (2) weeks of working with you. I really appreciate your genuine support and that you were accessible even though we are worlds apart.


Kathryn is a genuine and talented psychic and healer who knows how to inspire you and keep you on track when you lose your confidence or question your purpose.

She is a real trooper and her smile lights up the room she walks in.

I cannot recommend her highly enough to any person who is navigating difficult terrain and who needs to understand the bigger picture to make enlightened decisions.


So tell me...what's included?



60 minute face to face interactive calls

$2664 value



support via email and messenger during business hours

$1332 value



“EXTRA” 30 minute face to face video calls for additional support when you “SOS” me.  I’ve got you!

$333 value

UNLIMITED opportunity to access my intuitive gifts during our face to face sessions to help you connect to your soul as much as needed. This is the key for us to tap into your energy and get to the root of any questions/problems and get immediate answers and solutions.


INDIVIDUALLY tailored curriculum, guided meditations, and tools that get added to your personal file weekly, to ensure overwhelm will not creep in and sabotage your efforts.

$3996 value

So according to that...I need $8325 CAD!

Do I have good news for you!

Your investment for this twelve week growth journey is just $3333CAD.

Payment plans are available as well.


Information is power.  Mentorship is the integration of that power. 

Let's anchor you into your power so you can transform your desires into your reality!

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