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Mom's Mental Health | 5 Tips to Overcoming Mental Fatigue

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

If mom is not okay, the whole house feels out of balance. Mom's mental health needs to be at the forefront of any home. Mom is the one who carries so much in her mind; grocery lists, appointments, what stuffy is the one that makes each child feel comforted at bedtime, which fork is the best to eat supper with, and the list goes on. Mental fatigue is real ya'll and momma feels it on the daily.


Signs You're Experiencing Mental Fatigue

I am a big believer in listening to your whole body. Mind, body, behaviour, soul....what are they all telling you? Here are a few ways that mental fatigue has presented itself in me and when I know I need to intervene.


  • anger

  • lack of motivation

  • difficulty concentrating

  • apathy/pessimism


  • weight gain

  • overall fatigue

  • headaches


  • feeling constantly triggered

  • withdrawing from others/the kids

  • wanting to cancel all of my commitments


Five Common Ways to Help Curb Mental Fatigue


This is comical. Who gets sleep when you are a mom? BUT, if getting a full night of sleep is out of the question, then be sure to add in some extra relaxation time. Ask for help from your spouse or a friend to have some extra kid-free time and do something that makes you relax. If you can afford it, send the kids to daycare for a day and give yourself a day off. Put away the mental list (this takes practice) and give your brain that much needed break.


If formal exercise is not your thing don’t fret! Moving your body can be as simple as throwing on some fun music and having a dance party with your littles! If formal exercise IS your thing, then be sure to SCHEDULE it into your day and make it non-negotiable.


Nutrition is one of the biggest factors in keeping your sanity. If you aren’t fuelling yourself with nutrient rich foods, your brain will not function to its full capacity. Not only is eating healthy important for your diet, it’s important for optimal brain functioning! Lord knows we need to be at the top of our game to keep that never-ending mental list on point!


Meditation or mindfulness is an excellent way to slow your thoughts and give your brain a much needed recharge. Take 10 minutes a day (or more if you want) and build a practice to quiet your mind. There are lots of great guided meditations out there. It can even be as simple as being mindful while you are waiting in the never-ending line-ups thanks to Covid-19! Instead of pulling your phone out to aimlessly scroll through social media, take a minute and tune into one of your senses. Feel your feet in your shoes and how they feel on the ground. Use your eyes to REALLY see the sights around you. Take in the vibrant colours you see and think about how each of those colours makes you feel. Or, if smell is your thing, focus on the various smells that come to you as you are standing in line and link it to a happy memory.


Keep a gratitude journal. Write in it daily (when it feels best for you). When your mind is in a place of overwhelm, we can easily lose sight of what we have in front of us that is good. Keeping your thoughts positive will help keep your overall state of mind calm and happy. Mindset is so important to our mental health and coping with all of the stress that comes with motherhood!


It Takes A Village

Don’t forget momma, it’s 100% okay to ask for help once in a while. We are not wired to do things alone all the time. As Brene Brown and Dr. Jody Carrington tell us, we are wired for connection. When life seems like it’s too much, reach out to your support system. They love you and they will help support you, and your well being.

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