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No one can fully prepare you for this journey and the shifts that ebb and flow. 


"Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know."

-Pema Chodron. 

I see you.  I feel you.  I am you.  And I’m here to help change your world.


Are you ready?


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Energy Clearing & Rebalancing

-One on one session using all of my energy work tools-


A single session to clear and cleanse your energy, cut etheric cords (if needed) and leave your feelings rebalances and refreshed.


Single Session - 60 minutes to Immediate Clarity

-Single Session-

One 60 minute interactive session to open your Akashic Records and get immediate answers as to what is holding you back from achieving your highest potential and bring awareness to how to transform into a more clear and confident you!

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One Week To Finding Your Clarity & Shift Into Alignment

- Seven Days of Independent Work and Support -

One 60 minute interactive session and support for 7 days as you work through your tailored, self-guided workbook. This package is for the woman who wants to take the first committed step to working on eliminating what no longer serves her and begin to transform her inner and outer reality with confidence and clarity.

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VIP Mentorship: Embracing and Embodying Your Aligned and Connected Self!

-Three Months of One on One Mentorship-


This is a mentorship container for the woman who wants to: build trust in herself and the universal laws; empower herself and learn to manage her energy; take aligned action and find and connect to her own powerful mindset to become a magnet for abundance in every part of her life and business. 

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Get Out Of Your Own Way!

-Program Date TBA-


A Five Week Group Accelerator for the woman who is longing to show up confidently, get rid of fear, overcome self sabotaging behaviors and have a solid toolbox of practices and techniques to keep you in the highest, most abundant energy despite what life or business throws your way!

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A Year At A Glance

-Single Session-

offer closes January 31st.

A 2022 monthly forecast for your life or business using tarot, oracle cards, your energy and my intuitive gifts.

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