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Being connected to my powerful mindset, feeling aligned and abundance sounds great....but how?


We will look at how you connect to yourself, your dreams, your friends and your family and your clients.  We will look at your belief system and patterns.  We will trace back and get to the root of those beliefs and rewire them so they align with how you want to feel in all aspects of your life.  We will tap into your heart center and connect your emotions to the choices you face or healing that needs to take place. You will work on "tuning in" to not only your mind, but also bring awareness to your physical body and what it is trying to tell you.  You will build or enhance a connection with your mindset tools and practices so every aspect of your life falls into place.  You will learn to connect to the powerful universal energies and laws that can help manifest any desire you have.  Lastly, we will tie it all together, mind, body and soul, so you can become the alchemist for you life and business!


One of my favorite quotes states "Brave is doing something with your whole heart when you can't predict the outcome." -Dr. Jody Carrington. It takes courage to face your fears and make a change in your life. It takes courage to be vulnerable and pull back the curtain you have been hiding behind. It takes courage to invest in yourself, when you rarely fall on your priority list at all.  It takes courage to work at healing your past.  It takes courage and trust to follow that intuition of yours and know it will not lead you astray!  If you are like I was, I couldn't bear one more minute of the way my whole self felt.  I was constantly triggered and angry with myself and the world for the place I ended up in. I was resentful of the way I looked at myself, both on the outside and inside.  I was beyond frustrated with my relationships.  I had hit my my breaking point.  I knew I needed a change and it took a lot of courage to face my "shadows" and deal with all the things that had brought me to that moment.  I will hold space for you to explore your fears and find the courage to move through your past and into a future with you as a magnet for abundance in all forms!


Sometimes we need to be creative to shift our mindset to be able to focus and learn how to listen to what our soul is singing for. After all, "Creativity is intelligence having fun." -Albert Einstein. I will help you connect to your questions for clarity, your passions, your values, your "message in your mess" which will allow you to connect deeper to yourself, your dreams and your powerful mindset that can shift your life into whatever you dream it to be!  When you find your alignment, manifestation and abundance flow with ease. What's holding you back?


Grace and compassion.  Do you give them to yourself or just give it all away to others?  Life is hard.  One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that the more you can allow yourself grace and compassion, the easier it is to grow, develop and heal.  We all mess up, it's part of life. I don't know about you, but I always needed to be in control of everything and would get easily frustrated when I felt out of control.  The real power is not being in control, but instead, how you react to what life throws your way. In my experience, if you have big emotions around a situation where you feel like you are losing control, it is your soul's way of telling you something needs to heal or change and is a great spot to start your evaluation and journey to living in alignment.  The magic, my love, has always been inside YOU.  I cannot wait to help you take the first step to finding your magic and your alignment!


In order to fully live in alignment you have to be clear about WHO you are and WHAT you stand for.  You have to give yourself permission to show up as your authentic self each and every day, without crippling fear, self sabotage and self doubt.  I will help you learn how to find the confidence to lead your life on your terms.  By finding your clarity and aligning your life, you will create ease and eliminate struggle with every aspect of your life! Being clear on your values also helps you create and maintain healthy boundaries, which is essential to embodying and living your truth!

My Approach
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