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Get Out Of Your Own Way!

A five week group container for the woman who is DONE with feeling small.  Who needs to build confidence, get rid of self sabotaging behaviors and master her mindset, eliminate fear from her life and business and step into the most aligned and powerful version of herself.  By doing this, she will create a ripple effect of abundance, confidence, and empowerment into her life and business! Want to know how I know?  Because I am walking and talking proof that what I am going to teach you works!


What To Expect:


  • Week 1 is all about pre-work and goals.  Week 1 will set your intention, get clear on your goal for our time together and set you up for success so you get the most out of the program and build strong connections with the women who are in the group.

  • Week 2 we dive into fear.  Getting to the root of your fear and beliefs, analyzing them, looking closely at not only learning how to move through them but applying those tools so they can be released and replaced with confidence.  

  • Week 3 is all about self sabotage and imposter syndrome and how limiting beliefs infiltrate our minds and keep us playing small.  We will look at where it comes from.  The warning signs of self sabotage.  I will teach you how to identify and examine your limiting beliefs and then also how to rewire them.  I will teach you how to not allow all of these things to cripple you and hold you tightly in your comfort zones while also giving you the tools you will need to maintain keeping those patterns and behaviors at bay so you can experience full autonomy and freedom.

  • Week 4 is about building you up!  Confidence is a learned behavior.  Regardless of your life experiences, you always have the choice to be confident in yourself. We will spend time looking at where your lack of confidence comes from, how low self esteem fuels low confidence, how to tune into the healing available to you that can support your expansion and how to create a confidence habit!

  • Week 5 is the week for reflection.  Reflecting on the goals you set.  Reflecting on the information you learned and the new practices that have been set into motion.  We will also explore next steps for your journey.



What Do You Get?


  • FIVE 60 minute group interactive video calls where you will get instruction, individual and collaboration time.

  • A private, sacred, Facebook community where content will be shared by me to guide our five weeks together, where you can ask questions and get answers from myself and others and also to begin to build a connected and aligned soul tribe.

  • Access to a weekly file containing all of the tools you need to create this transformation for yourself.

  • The recordings of the interactive calls will also be placed in the weekly files so if you cannot attend the calls live, you have full access to watch them when it's convenient for you.

  • Unlimited access to me during my business hours via email or messenger.  Please allow 24 hours for a response.


Your investment?


  • $1111 CAD paid in full

  • Payment plans available



If you want a more custom experience, you can upgrade to my VIP package for this group.  As part of the VIP package, you will have two 60 minute one on one video chats with me where we can work directly in YOUR energy together to explore exactly what steps you need to take to overcome any challenges you are experiencing and have that extra level of accountability and guidance that is personalized for you. 

Your Investment For VIP:

  • $1555 CAD paid in full 

  • Payment plans available

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