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Connecting With Your Soul!

Let me be your facilitator as you connect with your soul and its messages!

Sometimes we allow our minds to be overworked and overcrowded which creates an immediate barrier for us to connect to our higher self, or soul. I am a psychic empowerment mentor and I am here to connect you to all the things that matter most at the core of your being!


From February 14th-28th 2022 I will be offering a mini dive into your soul's most pertinent message for you for just $22 CAD!

The Special

Let's get you connected!

Mini Soul Dive

I am not putting a time limit on this session as I like to have the freedom to use as little or as much time as is required to get you the perfect result. You can come with a specific focus, or we can allow your higher self to bring forward the most important thing that needs your time and attention right now.

This session can be done in person (over zoom) or you can send me your burning question and I will answer it using a variety of my tools (oracle cards, pendulum and your Akashic Records) and record a response for you to view when you have time!

Image by Viva Luna Studios
Image by Misael Moreno


This date is loaded with energy! If you didn't take advantage of the first round on 2.2.22, it is the perfect time to connect with your inner self through your heart chakra now. The energy of this day supports you to become clear on your desires and joys.  I would love to help you connect to the messages and guidance that will propel you forward at this time!

I found the following that I thought really nicely summed up the power of this powerful energetic portal.


This upcoming “Twosday” on 2/22/2022 serves as a reminder of what is important in life. It brings a message of hope, balance, and a commitment to our bigger goals. This portal is giving us the energy to focus on the areas we want to improve on, especially in relationships and family life. Use this month to be stubborn; don’t let circumstances pull you away from the path you are on. You will be supported in any endeavor you wish to take on! Remember, inner knowing + action = magic. Take a leap of faith and start something new because you are divinely supported.



Are you ready to connect with your powerful self?


Meet Your Messenger

Hi! I'm Kathryn....

I am so excited to have the chance to be a part of your journey!

My mission is to empower as many women as I can and connect them back to the pieces of themselves they maybe have lost because of trauma, conditioned patterns and beliefs, motherhood and any other things that life has thrown their way! I know that when we allow ourselves the time, energy and space to heal, reflect and grow, it creates a beautiful ripple effect outward to all the other aspects of our lives.

I was intuitively guided to offer this session during this time period as a way for you to easily give back to yourself. I know for many of us having to invest financially makes it hard to put ourselves first. With this price point, I know this opportunity will be more accessible for everyone!

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