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Energy Clearing

A deep energy cleanse, clearing and rebalancing session to help you shake all the energy that is feeling heavy or no longer serving your highest and best good. If you have feelings of attachment to people and cannot seem to shake it, we can look at cutting cords as well to ensure you are only carrying what you need at this time.  You will also be infused with divine light and healing leaving you feeling cleansed and refreshed.


What To Expect:

  • The session length will be anywhere between 45 minutes to one hour.  It will depend on what exactly you need.

  • I will lead you through a guided meditation where I will use a combination of energy work, intuition and spiritual tools to help you move energy that is not yours or any energy that is feeling stuck and is no longer serving you.  

  • We will take time to cut any etheric cords that are attached and no longer supporting your highest and best good.

  • We will take time to look at each of the seven main chakras and ensure they are as balanced as they can be - this can also reveal any blocks or limits you are experiencing that can be further explored in other sessions with me

  • We will infuse you with the most divine healing energy before closing your session to leave you feeling supported



What Do You Get?


  • One 45-60 minute video call to clear, cleanse and rebalance your energy 


Your investment?


  • $144 CAD

Working with the Seven Major Chakra Energy Vortexes  -  female healer's hands either side
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