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Year At A Glance

One of the most powerful insight tools I use for myself and my clients are my tarot and oracle decks.  They can provide a really comprehensive timeline as to what is coming for you in life or business, based on your current path. You can gain insight like when the best time is to launch your program or products, how to focus on marketing yourself, if you should be looking for partnership options and what is coming in each month, financially, that you might want to be aware of, to name a few.  I have used the tarot to forecast what each month in 2021 would bring for my life and business.  It has helped allow me to not only prepare for things in my personal life or make changes to avoid the path I was on (thank you free will), but also gain consistent income months in my business!

I have also done these for people who are looking at where their life should go over the next year when it comes to big decisions like moving, buying a house, investing, seeing if/when love interests will cross their path, potentially planning to expand their families and also with more general questions about how to best support themselves, their children and their spouses.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, feel free to book using the link below, reach out by clicking that chat button or scheduling a connection call under book online (also accessible from clicking purchase reading then choosing Let's Connect)!  I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have. 

What To Expect:

  • The session will be recorded and you will be provided with a link to view it within seven business days of purchase.  This is not an interactive session.

  • I will schedule a 15 minute zoom session with you prior to me doing the recorded reading to gain clarity on anything specific you want to know during the reading and be sure to address those things along with providing any insight that wants to come forward for you as well. 

Your investment?

  • $222 CAD

Image by Jen Theodore
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