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One Week To Finding Your Clarity

This is a very individualized seven day self-study program. On the first day we have a one on one call where we open your Akashic Records, or soul's blueprint, to gain complete clarity on what is keeping you feeling stuck or overwhelmed, either in your personal life, or business or both!  We can explore where your biggest blocks are, what your limiting beliefs are and the root cause of them. We take the time to answer all of your burning questions, and also seek answers to how to best proceed forward (like getting a personalized map of your aligned actionable steps).  We can immediately learn what simple mindset shifts you need to implement for the biggest outward impact. We can also learn about what is holding you back from fully living in alignment and abundance with ease.

A personalized journal filled with prompts and/or tasks and activities will be created for you, based on your Akashic Records session, that will help give you those aligned, actionable steps to take to start empowering yourself to release what no longer serves you and transform into a more clear and confident version of yourself. This is really the first big step in you becoming the alchemist by connecting you to your powerful mindset to aligning your inner and outer reality.




What You Get:


  • One 60 minute Akashic Record Reading/planning session and access to the recording 

  • Unlimited email/messenger access to me during the seven days during business hours. 

  • A personalized program for the remaining days for you to begin taking that aligned action to propel you forward in your journey.


Your Investment:


  • $333 CAD 

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