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Connecting You To Energy & Soul

A five week combo of group and 1-1 that will allow you to activate and deepen your connection to energy, your intuition and higher self and use their guidance and messages to your advantage!

Waitlist Open For The Next Round! Message for details!


Let me ask...

Are you ready to find complete and utter joy in your life? You know, the kind people roll their eyes at?

Are you ready to feel like you are living your soul's purpose, not just surviving day to day?

Are you wanting to stop that overactive mind that leads to all the self sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that ultimately holds you back from making a positive shift or change in your life?

Would you love, maybe more than anything, to feel good in your skin and trust yourself fully?

If you answered yes to any of those above then this program is for you!


Week 1: Connect To Others

The first week of the program is for us to connect, vulnerably, to each other in this group container and set our individual intentions on what we would like to grow into by the end of the six weeks together. When you are doing inner work, a solid support team is an integral part of your success. It is my promise that the women who become a part of this sacred journey will feel seen, heard, validated and held while you each work through what is holding you back from your beautiful, desired transformation! We will use the first live call to gather in a circle format to foster an opportunity to bond deeply.

Week 3: Connect To Your Mindset

This week is going to be a game changer, friends. Not only will you learn how to access your deepest limitations you place on yourself (or from conditioning), you will be given a complete toolbox on how to overcome them. We will look at all things mindset: beliefs, thought patterns, self talk, and how to live in the present without worry of the unknown.

Week 5: Connect To Your Shadows

This week will be eye opening. You will probably experience a lot of emotions, but that is why we have spent time building our support system, strengthening our relationship with our mind, body and soul, so when we open up the shadow side, it won't feel quite so overwhelming. This week you will be led down a path that will help you identify the unhealthy patterns you may be holding on to, how past trauma and conditioning could still be affecting you today, how to manage your emotions while working through the healing process and some much needed coping strategies that will make the process a lot easier.

Week 2: Connect To Your Physical Self

Week two is all about connecting deeply to your physical self. Allowing your body to speak about things that need attention, and allowing yourself to listen. You will connect deeply to the physical changes you have experienced and the ones to come. You will learn about the energy centers throughout your body and their impact on your physical self. Over the course of the week, we will bring a deep sense of love, admiration, fulfillment and knowledge to life, even if it doesn't seem possible at this moment! You will reveal the power of the body-mind connection and learn how to use it for your highest and best good.

Week 4: Connect To Your Soul

This week is going to help you build that solid sense of self trust, confidence and self belief all while nurturing your relationship with your higher self and intuition. We will explore all things spirit, soul and universe and how you can align with that powerful energy to be the catalyst for change in all aspects of your reality!

Week 6: Connect To The Power Of Reflection

Week six is where we really pull everything together. There will be an opportunity to reflect on where you started and how far you have come in the duration of the program. We will look at what areas need further practice and how you can continue to heal and anchor into the most powerful and authentic parts of your SELF. We will review and evaluate your intentions and progress and set you up for your next steps after our time together is done.

I am a strong, powerful, independent woman, who could not see my self-worth.  My conditioning/programming said duty to others, not yourself.  Investing and connecting with Kathryn allowed me to gain the personal tools and knowledge I needed.  I now realize that when I openly receive help, I am not giving up my power, or my independence.  I no longer demoralize my self-worth and know that like anything else, my value is my perception. 

Jeni-Lei En Hance

The Connected Female Self

The group program where you not only learn to embody your power, joy and authenticity, but you do it while building your tribe and connecting with a panel of experts in their fields!



I really loved Kathryn’s caring approach and found her to be strong, direct and gentle all at once! She’s amazing! Working with her left me with real clarity. I was fairly lost and overwhelmed with life and her guidance set me at ease with my current path which has made everything so much easier. The independent work was so helpful in maintaining my new found clarity too as it enhanced how I was feeling and kept me on track. I’ve implemented the tasks every day since our time together and will continue to do so. 

Danielle Gribble

So let me get this straight...

  • I get access to six weeks of live mentorship.

  • I get access to FIVE experts in the fields of mind, body, soul and shadow work.

  • I get access to a private, sacred space where I can connect and build a tribe of like minded people, ask questions, get support, be held while being vulnerable in my personal journey and grow together.

  • I get self paced content that will allow me to dive deep into my personal conditioning, experiences and self limitations in order to expand and anchor into my power.

  • I get six one hour zoom calls (one per week), plus Facebook lives in a closed group and unlimited opportunities for Q&A.

  • But probably, most importantly, I FINALLY get to put myself first.


What's the catch?

​There is no catch.

A container like this would normally cost thousands of dollars. 

So why am I giving it away for a fraction of the price?

Because I believe deeply in the power this container provides, and so do the amazing women who are joining me in sharing their knowledge, expertise and experience.

I believe deeply that every single woman should have an opportunity to put herself first.

I have been lucky to have some amazing mentors who have given me a chance, and I want to do the same for you.

This is THE ONLY time it will ever be this price, with these guests, so if you are thinking about jumping it!

I will be truly honored to be a part of your journey and connect for you and with you

For any of you who pay in full, I am gifting you one free 30 minute one to one session either prior to the course starting or at some point in the beginning couple of weeks. This is a great opportunity for you to really gain insight into where you are "stuck" and instantly get to the root of what's causing this stagnancy in your life so you can immediately focus in on what needs to shift when you are given the tools on how to do that! It really takes all the guess work or trial and error out!


For any of you that want a little more, I am offering a VIP upgrade to this as well. You would get all of what is included plus three one to one zoom sessions with me over the course of the six weeks (details are on the checkout page) for $555 CAD.


Who Has Your Back?

Kathryn Rickert is an internationally sought after psychic empowerment mentor. With 2 Bachelor degrees: one in Psychology and one in education, over 18 years of experience and numerous certifications in her field, Kathryn brings her 3/5 human design profile to the table to deliver a tried and tested approach to her client’s transformational journey.


Kathryn spends her time connecting with women all over the globe at a soul level to bring complete clarity, joy and fulfillment to the space that was filled with self doubt, confusion, frustration and complete disconnection to self and others. She relies on her deep intuitive, individualized, innovative and practical guidance to help transform newly awakened women from feeling drained, depressed and disconnected to joyful, present, anchored and empowered in all aspects of their lives.

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