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Coaching Through The Cards

Are you the type of person who absolutely loves tarot and oracle cards? Do you often seek out readings from others or even dabble in it yourself? If you are wanting more and love having the visual of the cards to connect with, th

As a intuitive psychic mentor, I don't NEED to use cards, but they are so much fun, especially for the visual learner!

Cards are used far and wide as a tool to receive intuitive guidance. Connecting to your energy or the energy of your business provides in depth opportunities to gain clarity, direction, and purpose for your next steps or any shifts that will make the biggest impact on your life and business!

Image by Viva Luna Studios

When you tap into your soul, you unlock the door to your unlimited potential.

It allows you the inside look at:


  • Where you can have the biggest impact on the world

  • How to embody the feeling of self mastery by uncovering or breaking through the conditioning that has been limiting you or your business

  • Which road to take for each specific desire you want to call into your reality at this time

  • How to calibrate to your highest potential

  • How to rise above anything carried over from past lives that are still affecting your subconscious programming

  • Your personal expansion and awakening


What my clients say about these sessions...

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Tarot Cards

If you have been contemplating clearing the fog from your life, there is no time like the present and no better way than by connecting to your soul, your higher self and your spirit team!

Coaching Through The Cards

can be done as:

  • a single session where we focus on getting you answers or guidance for specific topics

  • an intensive short term activation mentorship where we will not only find out exactly what needs to shift in order to see the biggest impact in your life or business but then I will also build out the road map for you to follow to see the effects of the change immediately

  • a longer VIP mentorship where I will teach you how to connect, gain insight and begin to deepen your level of trust with yourself

I prefer to run my business in a way where I can meet you exactly where you are at, not have you enroll into a cookie cutter type of program that is generalized. That is why I am offering a variety of ways we can work together, because one size definitely doesn't fit all. 

If this sounds like something you would benefit from, click that button below and let's chat. I would love to connect and hear directly from you where you feel you need the most support so you can lean in and bring awareness to what your soul is calling for at this time and be given the tools to lean into your fullest power!

Pricing starts at $111 CAD

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