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Kathryn Rickert

Intuitive Mentor
(and your biggest cheerleader)
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About Me

Where to begin....

I started my entrepreneurial journey just shy of three years ago. It's amazing the personal and professional growth I have had since then. This is a beautiful opportunity to not only share my story but reflect on how far I have come!

At 36 years old, I was called for a deep rooted change but I was too terrified to take it. I was living my "dream" life...successful teaching career, the million dollar family, the house, the cars, the friends, you name it, I had it. But what I didn't have was undeniable joy. I had shame, guilt, burnout, overwhelm...lots of overwhelm...and a lifetime of ignored shadows that NEEDED to come to the light. I started talking to whoever would listen (god, the universe, the angels....and really it was more like a plea than a coffee chat). I begged for something to change. I started to do the work. I wrote down what I wanted my life to be like...and this time I didn't care about the materialistic side of it. I wanted the deep, emotional connections with my husband and my kids. I wanted to be present and mindful. I wanted to teach my kids how to be beautiful humans who can not only see the good in others, but know their own worth from a young age and be able to stand in their power and set healthy boundaries so they wouldn't have to "suffer" like I did. But still importantly, I wanted to teach. Because despite the burnout, teaching is a core passion of mine and also how I am wired by design!

I'm happy to tell you that not only did the universe delivered!

If you are a woman who feels...



  • Like you cannot turn your mind off

  • Like you take 3 steps forward, and 2 back

  • Like you try your best to be positive, practice gratitude, stay focused on what you want, but the needle just isn't moving in the forward direction you wish to see

  • Like something is missing but you can't quite figure out what it is...

We need to chat!  I can help you find your clarity, make simple shifts in all aspects of your mindset and energy, which will directly reflect in the form of change and transformation in your outer world.  Fill out that form below or click that button to read more about how I can be of service to you!


Contact Me

I'm so glad you have found me and I would love nothing more than to connect with YOU!  Please feel free to reach out.  Can't wait to chat!

High River, Alberta,


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Kathryn Rickert
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